Last month Jamie Olver's Fifteen, London won the 1st Place the Best Gin List in the UK.  

This is a great achievement that we are very proud of!  

Sorin, our Bar manager, tells us more about the amazing bar stocking at Fifteen, some amazing spirits and especially gin. 

First of all, it feels great to have the best gin list of the year in the UK in 2018 and this is the result of a very hard work for the last four years of every single person that worked behind the bar at Fifteen.

We always had an amazing bar stocking some amazing spirits and especially gin. It feels even better when I am thinking that this year was the first year when Imbibe gave an award for the best gin list of the year and there where a lot of entries and some really strong competitors. 

This year I have decided to put an accent on the quality of our gin list rather than quantity and even if we probably have around 75 different gins from all around the World, every single of them is carefully selected before it goes on to our list. Our listing is alphabetical and every single gin listed has tasting notes, flavours and ingredients next to it. It is also followed by a short story which will give the guest the chance to read some nice facts about the gin while their drinks are being made. We currently stock 3 different tonic waters which we serve our gins with:

  • London Essence Classic Tonic Water as a first option
  • Fever Tree Tonic Water
  • 5's homemade tonic water.

I like to keep it classic when it comes to a G+T as I feel that the gin should be the main star of the drink. 

Our homemade tonic water was created to enhance the flavours of the gin and every month we choose a different gin from our list and we are using it as our Gin of the month in our four gin aperitifs which are attached to every single menu. One of the four drinks is always a Fifteen G+T which is made using our homemade tonic water and the appropriate garnish (this is the best seller every month and everyone loves a Fifteen G+T!). 

Besides having an amazing gin list, we also have a great signature cocktail list. We can always make any of the classic cocktails too.

As next steps for us I have few targets: as a short time goal I think it will be great to see also our cocktail list shortlisted next year for one of the Imbibe drinks lists of the year and as a long-term goal I would like to see our bar in the top 50 bars in the world at one point. This won't be very easy, but with a lot of hard work, passion, and trust everything can be achieved.

What the judges said:

‘It’s not the most extensive list of gins, but it’s a well-curated one. And where a lot of bars struggle to categorise their gins correctly by flavour profile, Fifteen went for the safe yet sensible option of listing theirs alphabetically,’ Jim Wrigley

‘It’s clearly laid out. The short summary description, with the aroma and palate notes underneath, make it easy to pick a gin without having to read too much information, but there’s more detail underneath if you’re interested,’ Sam Fish


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