What makes us special
Jamie's passion for food is at the heart of everything we do. Everyone who works with Jamie is an ambassador for his vision, to ''Change the way the world eats, for good'. People are our core ingredient and we love to invest into our teams. We do that by offering unique learning opportunities and lots of lovely rewards. Join our family and we'll help you to achieve your dreams!
Our culture and values
Each of our brands has its own culture and values and they guide our approach to everything. Our values are based on Jamie's approach to life and they inspire everything we do, from the way staff interact with guests and their teammates, to how managers develop their staff. They are our guiding principles and they create the culture that we proudly share.
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What you can expect when joining us
We know that our people are our most valuable asset and our People Promises are in place to ensure that we nurture and care for our employees.

We invest in developing your talents to help you learn & grow and deliver world class performance.
We care about your health and wellbeing and we reward you well to help you and your family live happy lives.
We listen to what you say to ensure you’re engaged and always inspired by our FAMILY values and culture.
Having a close relationship with our suppliers is something we’re hugely proud of here at Jamie’s and we have amazing opportunities throughout the year for family members to visit where our products come from. Whether it is to visit Tom Calver and his family down at Westcombe dairy to sample some amazing cheeses or to go out on a fishing trip with the wonderful team from Daily Fish Supplies down in Brixham each trip keeps us close to our products.
We have an amazing Staff Food menu completely free for our team members with great variety and delicious, nutritious dishes which change seasonally
Many of our family members stay with us for a long time and we want to recognise this. We love a good celebration so we have a milestone we will have a little treat for you.
Our family hasn’t just grown here in the UK. We have over 30 restaurants worldwide from Bali to Australia which you can have the opportunity to work in!
If you smashed it, you scratch it !
In our fast paced world we want to make sure that we have some fun with our thank you’s. If you’ve smashed it your manager may give you a Smash and Scratch card. You could uncover some very cool prizes like a Kindle or a bottle of wine.
Recognition is important for us and we love to reward those family members that go above and beyond in their job. Our Ambassadors of the Month are chosen in each restaurant and given a little something to say thank you for their hard work. Regularly throughout the year some of the ambassadors may be invited to enjoy lunch with Jamie himself !
Say goodbye to expensive travel costs and get fitter and healthier with the Bike to Work Scheme. We offer the bike to work scheme for all our employees so that they can enjoy a new bike and save up to 42% in the cost, all paid back via your pay each month.
Being a family man, Jamie wants to make sure that those with families are looked after and supported. We have some great Family friendly policies from Enhanced Maternity and Paternity pay to Flexible working
Our employee assistance programme can give you access to legal advice, face-to-face counselling sessions, health and financial advice.
We recognise that sometimes you might just need a break. Our sabbatical policy allows our long serving family members to apply for a 3 month sabbatical and we’ll keep your job open for you.
Our amazing Gold Card membership used by thousands of customers weekly is also available for our Family members. It gives you the chance to enjoy free nibbles, treats and a birthday present.
Sometimes we don’t know what life might throw at us, we want to ensure that our managers are safe that their income is protected if they were to become ill or unfit for work. We cover all our managers for income protection with Canada Life.
In addition to the NEST pension for all our Family members our Managers have the opportunity to enrol into the company pension scheme whereby we will pay up to 5% match contributions of your salary into a pension fund for you. We will arrange for you to speak with a financial advisor to help you set up your pension so you can start to secure your future.
Your family is our family, if anything were to happen to you whilst you were employed with us we pay for all of our managers to have life insurance. 4 times your salary will be paid to your loved ones to look after them.
Your health is important to us. Our senior managers have the option to enrol into the award winning health insurance from PruHealth which enables you to have access fast to the best private hospitals and consultants to help you get better.
If you have the health insurance you can access Vitality. Vitality gives you access to some of the best discounts and treat out there from free cinema tickets, Gym discounts to 75% off at Champneys Spa!
The FAMILY values describe the way in which we approach everything and they are based on Jamie’s approach to life. They inspire everything from the way staff interact with guests and team mates, to how managers develop their staff. They are our guiding principles, our core ingredients! And they represent the culture that we have created together.
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Use your initiative, be proactive, work hard, exceed expectations and inspire everyone around you.
Use your initiative, be proactive, work hard, exceed expectations and inspire everyone around you.
Be genuine and honest just like our food, live and breathe our values and never compromise on standards.
Love learning new things, listen, embrace feedback, show off your incredible knowledge, enjoy change and grow with us.
You are all so important and we couldn’t do it without every single one of our team members. Show off your unique personality! Take ownership, help us to become world class and in return, enjoy the recognition and rewards.
Family: the most important thing to us is that we are a close, happy team. ‘One team one dream!’ Being part of the family at Jamie’s means you love teamwork, communicate brilliantly, love sharing, say “thank you,” respect everyone and always look out for each other. Just like one big happy family!
Ambassador: Show off your passion, enjoy yourself at work, be proud of everything we stand for and be a true ambassador for Jamie Oliver.
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